Cluster Of Asteroids May Destroy Earth In 3.5 Years


NASA reports a cluster of asteroids will strike earth in approximately 3.5 years. Government Leaks confirmed the story along with Homeland Security and MSNBC.


How did scientists not catch this threat earlier?

NASA claims they knew about this group of asteroids, but the trajectory showed earth was in the safe zone; however, one of the asteroids collided with unknown space detritus causing an explosion that dramatically changed the asteroids’ path to head directly for earth.

“People are going to panic. That’s only natural,” NASA scientist Dr. Bob Kildorf said. “But we are working on solutions. We’re not confident we’ll find one, but we are working diligently.”

NASA feels they could possibly build a laser to explode the asteroids. It’s the same laser technology doctors use to explode kidney stones. But can that technology be replicated on such a grandiose scale? And with multiple asteroids?

“We have amazing laser technology, but we’ve obviously never used a laser beam to explode asteroids. It’s all hypothetical,” Kildorf said. “We are also talking to the pentagon about using nuclear missles to explode the asteroids, but right now we do not have a definitive answer on how we are going to combat this. I do want people to know we are giving it a 110%.”


 Lasers mounted to satellites could be used to detonate asteroids

Could this mean the end of all life on earth?

Yes. But if humans go underground with plenty of provisions and oxygen they could survive out their natural lives. But, like exactly what happened to the dinosaurs, smoke clouds would likely block the sun allowing no surface life to survive. The oceans would become acidified killing all sea life.

What to do?

At this point humans can do very little outside of building potential shelters and saving up needed provisions for survival. Their faith will need to be put in world leaders and scientists to find a solution.

Story developing…

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