Ted Cruz: ‘Chris Christie Too Fat For America’

Ted Cruz doesn’t wage much criticism against fellow Republican presidential nominees, often citing his Christian faith forbidding the attacking of others.


But Wednesday morning, he told Mediaite that obesity is a major problem in America and a president should set a good example for others to “get in shape” by being fit.

“The Bible says gluttony is a sin,” Cruz said. “You only need to look at Chris Christie to see a glutton. Chris Christie is too fat for America. He’s not a role model for health. The next president should be fit and eat a vegetarian diet. We solve the obesity crisis in this country, we solve the health crisis.”

Cruz said providing diet and exercise programs to the American people would be a priority for his administration if elected.

“The Insanity workout by Shaun T. is exceptional,” Cruz said. “I did the program last year and lost a lot of weight. You should see how tone my calves are. If it weren’t winter, I’d be wearing shorts on the campaign trail so everybody could see. If elected, I think putting the Insanity workout in the home of every American would be a great investment for taxpayers and pay rich dividends.”

But is the Insanity workout appropriate for all ages?

“I think Insanity is something everybody can do,” Cruz said. “You don’t have to keep up with Shaun T perfectly, but the more times you go through the workout, the better you get. Eventually you’ll be able to do it all the way through whether you’re sixteen or eighty.”


Above: Scene from Insanity workout

With political debate focused so strongly on terrorism and immigration, fitness is an interesting topic for the Cruz campaign to introduce into the debate.

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