George W. Bush Criticizes Donald Trump in Letter

A majority of prominent U.S. politicians have lambasted Donald Trump for his statement that he would temporarily block all Muslims from entering the United States. Even Dick Cheney, known as an extreme reactionary politician, spoke harshly of Trump’s words.


Former president George W. Bush has remained quiet about Trump’s incendiary remarks — until now. His office released this letter early this morning.

Mr. Trump,

I have sat here watching you verbally embarrass this country with your bigoted statements about Hispanics, women and now our Muslim brothers and sisters. I can sit in silence no more.

You do you represent deeply held American values of freedom and inclusion. I hope the American people wake up to your lies and do not elect you, because you are not only an embarrassment to us all, but a danger.

I strongly urge you to withdraw from the Republican primary immediately. Put America above yourself, Donald. 


George W. Bush

Despite the barrage of criticism, Mr. Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise.

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