Hallmark Pulling ‘Jesus Christ’ Wrapping Paper From Shelves


Hallmark issued an apology Wednesday and is pulling wrapping paper from store shelves following a social media uproar over a pattern that appears to contain swastikas.


But Hallmark isn’t stopping there.

Now the company is pulling Jesus Christ wrapping paper after numerous groups and individuals called the company “religiously biased.”  Most of the complaints stated that Hallmark stores should only sell “non-religious” gift wrapping paper as to not offend those of other faiths or no faith.

“I’m an atheist and my wife is Muslim,” Jeffory Chance told WZAT, after leaving a Kansas City Hallmark. “There isn’t atheist grift wrapping paper and we haven’t found any Muslim wrapping paper. But right there in front, there’s Baby Jesus and his mom. Do they only care about their Christian shoppers feelings?”

Other customers held different sentiments:

“98% of Americans are Christian,” minister Bob Fluent said. “We’re a Christian nation and therefore Christian wrapping paper is all Hallmark should carry.  Or are we going to kowtow to a bunch of whacko atheists and fringe cult religions? I am done with Hallmark if their decision holds.”

Now Hallmark finds itself in a precarious position of not wanting to anger Christians while also not alienating non-Christians.

“It’s kind of a rock and a hard place for us,” Hallmark executive Kim Landers said. “But we need to be a progressive company and not appear to represent any one belief and this is why we are now starting to pull all Jesus wrapping paper. Christians wouldn’t like seeing atheist wrapping paper with a Darwin lizard. If they look at the issue from atheist’s shoes, I think they’ll agree with our decision and continue to be loyal Hallmark customers.”

The recent controversies are the last thing Hallmark needs as they continue to lose sales to Amazon, Walmart and other major online retailers.

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