Scientists Engineering Vegetables To Taste Like Candy

ST. LOUIS, Missouri –

Agribusiness giant Monsanto plans to release vegetables that taste like candy by 2016. The company cited a huge market.


“Polls show 70% of people hate eating their vegetables. Kids especially hate eating their vegetables,” a plant biologist with Monsanto said. “But they need them [vegetables] to maintain optimal health. So we had a light bulb moment… why not engineer vegetables to taste like candy? Everybody loves candy!”

The company plans a huge array of flavors, but will release a limited selection to start. The following flavors include:

Chocolate flavored carrots

Watermelon flavored tomatoes

Caramel flavored peas

Butterscotch flavored radishes

Peanut butter flavored kale

Vanilla flavored spinach

Bubblegum flavored celery

Peppermint flavored green beans

Grape flavored cabbage

Candy apple flavored lettuce

Monsanto hasn’t released the science behind the candy-flavored vegetables, but they are a leader in creating genetically modified foods and this appears to be yet another evolution in GMO science.

Bill Brown with Food Fraud suggested that people might want to think twice before eating candy flavored vegetables:

“We have no idea how they done (sic) this exactly. Until we can review their patents we won’t know. If candy flavored vegetables make it to market I highly advise folks to not consume until peer-reviewed scientific research is in. Monsanto has a terrible track record of not caring about the health of their customers.”

Monsanto claims the vegetables will be as healthy as any vegetable you can eat today.

“People are going to absolutely love eating their vegetables now,” the Monsanto scientist said. “Candy flavored vegetables will likely end obesity and so much preventable disease in the world because everybody will be eating so many delicious and healthy vegetables. Who wouldn’t want to munch on chocolate flavored carrots or grape cabbage all day?”

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