Jeb Bush Reportedly ‘Enters Mental Hospital’

Jeb! Bush has gone front the confident establishment candidate projected from the beginning to easily win the Republican nomination, to a bottom-dweller in the polls and Donald Trump’s confounded punching bag.

Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Jeb Bush onstage and Twitter labeling him ‘low-energy’ and ‘not tough.’

During the last National Republican Debate in Las Vegas, a petulant Bush slugged back at Trump with an applause-raising insult: “Donald, you cannot insult your way to the presidency!”

Bush continued to confront Trump on Twitter by calling him ‘a big jerk!’

Predictably, Trump came back:



A campaign insider said Trump’s tweets sent Jeb into a nervous breakdown.

“Jeb is a really nice, sensitive, almost feminine, man. I feel so sorry for him,” the Bush campaigner, who spoke anonymously, said. “But he totally lost his marbles. He kept saying ‘I’m not an idiot. I’m not an idiot’ and ‘it’s my job to be President of The United States, not Trump’s’ and ‘Trump is a meanie’ as he sobbed and sobbed. And one point he cried out for his mother, Barbara, and even threatened to cut himself.”

Reportedly, staff tried to calm Jeb with plenty of soothing words and comforting back pats as he began to convulse and hyperventilate. Staffers finally rushed Jeb! to a psychiatric hospital where he was treated intravenously with the anti-anxiety medicine Ativan. He was released early this morning with prescriptions for Zoloft and Xanax and no statements that he plans to quit his campaign.

“He’s better,” the Bush campaigner said. “I think all that crying really helped him get out his pain. But he needs to go back to talking about his policy instead of going after a man who clearly has his number.”

Jeb is now running as the presidential candidate who can stand up to Donald Trump, which will likely not be a strong enough presidential platform to sway voter support.

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