People Changing Facebook Pics to American Flag In Support of Gay Marriage

MENLO PARK, California –

Millions of people rainbow-ified their Facebook profile pictures in celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage last week, but now many have opted to layer American flags over their photos to support gay marriage instead.


Above: Gay marriage supporter

“Rainbows are a symbol of gay equality, but why can’t the American flag be the ultimate symbol of equality in this country?” Robert Harvey of the popular Facebook group, Equality Talk, told the Chicago Daily News. “The American flag represents us all. Gay people shouldn’t need a separate flag. That would just be another inequality. So for the next six months, let’s all have the American flag on our social media profiles to let gay people know they’re one of us and that we support same-sex marriage.”

It’s estimated that as many as two-million people have put American flags over their profile pictures to support gay equality and same-sex marriage and the numbers are expected to grow.

“Thousands of Queens have covered their Facebook profile pics with the American flag,” a spokeswoman from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag group said. “We love that the American flag can now represent us too. Equality for all, under one flag.”

“This is a bastardization of the American flag,” Bill Thompson, from the American Times News, said. “I urge all Americans who stand for traditional values to put the one woman, one man symbol over their Facebook profile pictures instead of the American flag so there is no confusion.”

One man, one woman symbol:


This is shaping up to be another social media controversy as people fight for symbol representation. We will keep you updated as things develop.

– CWN, New York office

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