Woman Raising Her Young Daughter to Be Stripper

While women may turn to stripping as their only financial option, others as a rewarding career, Paris Adams, 32, strips to get revenge on men.

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

“Men are sex-obsessed pigs who have exploited women for millions of years,” Adams told AVA News. “I could be your typical feminist and start trying to dress like men, cut my hair short, grow a mustache, climb the corporate ladder and file sexual discrimination lawsuits. Or be one of those feminists who protest without a bra in the streets, but I think the most effective feminism and way to get revenge is to exploit men’s exploitation of women for financial gain.”

Adams believes that can best be done by taking men’s money in strip clubs.

But Adams is taking her revenge even further than herself: she is now teaching her 11-year-old daughter to be a stripper.

“I’ve been criticized for pushing my daughter into stripping professionally, but parents push their kids into being doctors and lawyers and nobody gets their panties twisted over that,” Adams said. “Emily will be strong, feminist stripper out to get men’s money. I want her to get that money and then invest it in stock, bonds and mutual funds so she’ll have a secure financial future. I currently have two million dollars in my investment portfolio after ten years of work. I’m also encouraging her to become a lesbian so he’ll never have to be sexually exploited by a man. Women are only sex objects to men. If you don’t think that, you’re a moron.”

Adams has turned her living room into strip club where her daughter practices pole dancing three times a week.


“Her pole dancing gets better every day,” Adams said. “But until she hits puberty, she’s not gonna look totally right aesthetically. But her mechanics and style are pretty sound. She does need a lot of work when it comes to private dances. She’s not very good at pelvic grinding yet.”

As part of the Emily’s training, Adams will also dress as a man, sitting with a cocktail, at the bar in her home, and have her daughter role-play: first trying to get a free drink from the “man” and then trying to manipulate “him” into an expensive lap dance.

“Strippers need to have a basic script they work off to lure a man into a private dance and from there get him to give up all his Benjamin’s,” Adams said. “But I’m teaching my daughter more than just to work off a standard script. I’m teaching her improvisational acting and that she needs to play off a man’s potentially unique reactions to their initial advances. For example, if a man agrees too readily to a private dance, it’s wise to play a little hard to get. If he doesn’t agree to a private dance, the stripper can often just look at him like he’s stupidest person in the universe and it works more often than not.¬† I put Emily in hundreds of different potential scenarios that will ultimately help her be highly effective strippers when she turns eighteen.”

Paris also puts her daughter through rigorous daily anaerobic and aerobic workouts for body and cardio-building and keeps her on a strict Paleolithic diet so she will¬† be able to endure up to twelve hours of daily dancing and have “perfect stripper body.”

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